There might be a lot of questions and apprehensions roaring in your head before you make that trip- is this the place I want to go to? Is this place safe? Is this the kind of experience I want to have? Will my family members be okay with me traveling by myself (this was the case with me initially)? What are things I need to carry? What are the visa requirements (if any)? Do I have enough money? Do I need more gadgets to capture my experience?


The list of these questions can be a long one. You will slowly realize though that after you’ve gone through the initial jitters, a lot of these questions are very superficial; some of these questions will still be valid, but they will be purely things that just needs to be done, for instance, visa requirements for me.


I have set up the below pages about some crucial questions you might have.

  • Safety
  • Things to Carry
  • Visa Requirements


Please feel free to let me know if you’d like to start a conversation about some other topic.


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